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  1. Ahh, I have 9 options right now, but my offers will come next year =]
    And climb them lol xD it's fun
    I do it too!
  2. I'll be doing Accountacy and Finance... gonna become an accountant hehe, what about you?

    I like London a lot It does have trees, but not nice ones to climb, they are either too high or too weak or too beautiful to climb lol XD
  3. Lol do you know what course you wanna do?

    And London sucks xP lol not really
  4. Yes I am, when I moved to England I was thrown back a year in my studies Therefore I'm starting university only next year

    Not really, there are no nice trees to climb in London
  5. You're still in school? O_o

    Oh you still climbing trees?
  6. Sweet lol ^^ I still have to study untill june

    Nothing new either I suppose... pretty booring...
  7. Sorry, couldn't reply sooner.
    I graduated from school, nothjing new You?
  8. wow look whos here. I hadn't seen you for a long time too.. .wasn't even sure you're alive still XD (just foolin around )

    What's going on then?
  9. Haven't seen you in a while. ^_^
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