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  1. Aahhh headache!! It's ok I am going to try tomorrow too. Thanks ^^
  2. gee... well try what I said. If it works, then next:"
    1. on the original image- make the layer you already copied unvisible (with the eye thingy)
    2. make the 2nd layer after that visible
    3. copy that layer
    4. paste it on your sig
    5. make it a new layer by clicking layer-> new layer
    6. in the layer boxy make sure that the layer you just copied is above the previous one

    Then you must repeat this for all layers.

    If something doesn't work, leave me a message, i'll check it out. I must go now though ^^ see ya!!! love ya!!! ^^
  3. WAHHH!! My Gimp shut down on me!! I have to restart it again!! >.>
  4. now copy this layer
    you can, by the way coppy it simply by clicking on the layer in the layer boxy and then pushing "ctrl+c"

    then paste the layer in your signature
    don't anchor the layer, just put it in where you want it
    then push layer->new layer (you can also push "shift->ctrl->n" (all together))

    tell me if you can see the layer on your sig then and if you can see a new layer for your sig in your layer boxy ^^
  5. I know >.< **cries** WAHHH!! Oh well **sighs** ok I did what you said. now what do I do?
  6. gee this immage has even more layers than the previous one? O.o
  7. ok ^^

    Well this time I'll try making it easier to understand. When you open the original immage and look in the layer boxy, I want you to push all the little eye symbols next to the little prewievs of the layer so that they'd all disapeare.
    This will make the layers on the image to also disapeare.
    Leave only the botton most layer visible (leave the eye visible ^^)
  8. Ok yea but I am finding an easy animeated pic to do ^^ ok
  9. Ok... you got your sig and the original image and the layer boxy?
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