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  1. Lasura!! I really want to know now >.< It's killing me inside!! >.< Help me again please ^^"
  2. Thats fine ^^ I am sorry >.< I didn't help much either, rest up I gave up anyways I will try again in a while XD
  3. I'm sorry... i'm in a real bad mood right now, I'm not doing well in my stiudies and my head starts to hurt of crying... I'll try and help you later, k? ^^ Take care
  4. Ok it's not letting me copy!! Like do I copy from my sig or when you told me to go and see how many layers there are? Ok I can't copy it from the place to see the layers so what do I do?
  5. yes and then do "Layer-> new layer" without merging it down
  6. ahh >.< ummm repeat that please >.< I know I am sorry!! Ok can I go to the layer thingie and copy if from there and then paste it into my siggY?
  7. Yes very wrong >.< You won't get an animation if it's all in the background, you need different layers. You can also copy them from the orignal, and when you paste you simply choose "Layer-> new layer" then and it will appear as a new player
    Then you don't need to do the anchor thingy, which sometimes mixes things up.
  8. Yea a bit >.< I am mergering them down with the background is that wrong?
  9. lol^^ ok
    Make sure you have coppied the right layer as your background. When you are viewing the original picture, you must choose the lower layer in the layer boxy and then copy it (when you paste it you'll see that you get the immage as it is when the animation starts)
    Then in your siggy boxy go Layer-> new layer.
    Then in the original picture, choose the second layer in the layer boxy and copy that one onto the new layer of your siggy

    Is that more clear?
  10. Ok no idea what you just told me!! Please explain again >.< I got it as a background but now what do I do?
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