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  1. Yah >.< Good animations take up a lot of layers. I think I've had some that are with 30 layers... it's quite annoying.

    Well shortly, you must now copy and paste all of those layers in your signature >.< you copy the first layer as the background, then you go Layer-> new layer and copy the next layer from the original onto this one and so on...
  2. HUH?! lol Ok I opened the boxy and it says it has 19 layers >.< WOW!
  3. Do you ever use layers? You need to see if there are any on the original immage, not the pasted. Open the picture with GIMP, then, in the main GIMP box, go File-> dialogs-> Layers. A new box will open with this. when you view the immage you should have many layers shown in the new boxy ^^
  4. It onlys says pasted image (871 KB) Thats all it says on the bottom >.<
  5. hmmm... I don't see the immage but ok... I've never done it like this, but I can try..
    When you open it in GIMP do you get many layers with that immage?
  6. Yea can you walk me through it? Ok I got my image of what I want to make a sig of
    Thats the link to the animated image.
    Ok I start but copying it and pasting it on my sig and now what do I do?
  7. Well you can first make a very simple one so that you'd just see the point, then you'd understand. Wanna?
  8. No, it's fine I wanted to learn it ^^ I am going to try what you said ^^
  9. Ok ^^ you can make the signature and give it to me, I'd do it? I dunno what else to do >.<
  10. WOW! Thats alot of stuff I don't understand any of it!! Ahhh OMG **faints**
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