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  1. Are you using GIMP?
    In GIMP, for animations, you need to create different layers with what you want on them in each stage of the animation (I think transparency didn't quite work here and also texts sometimes looked a bit different if you didn't merge them into the beckground)and then you must go to Filter->Animation->Playback to see how the animation looks.
    If you want it to go slower or faster, thne you must go to Filter->Animation-> Optimize (for GIF) and there, in the layer section, simply change the times that are in the brackets.
    I hope that helps. I can always do the animation for you though, if you only make the layers of the signature or explain how you want it to change...
  2. Amazing love!! Oh I need your help!! I wanted to animated sig but I don't know how >.< I am soooo sad!
  3. Yah, but anyways ^^ Lets talk about something more optimistic! ^^ What is up with you?
  4. Thats awful! I think the news needs to pay attention to every place, I feel so awful for those children!! I don't think there would be anyone who would walk away not taking a lesson from them!
  5. Yah, exactly... It's realy annoying. For example, a boy was shot dead here in UK last autumn. Ok, of course its a tragedy and so on... But at the same time, there was a family shot dead in their own house, only a little girl or boy survived it... And guess about which the papers talked more? About the little boy of course, because he was a football fan and what else not, and of course the boy still had parents left after him, who could talk about it, while the family... just died... @.@
    A family.... a single boy... hmmm... I wonder which is a greater tragedy.
  6. I guess thats true, I mean the news only pays attention to places which alot of celbs go and stuff. I mean they need to pay attention to places which really needs to be shown.
  7. Well actually people atre not dying that whole of a lot, and I think there is enough police in UK, there are different campaigns too and I feel quite safe. I bet twice as much people die in Latvia every day. It's just that in UK, people pay more attention to things like that, so it might seem like it's all crazy, when it's actually quite ok, comparing to other countrys.
  8. Still it's quite awful that people are dying alot. I think that maybe they need more police to watch the places.
  9. Eh, someone gets stabbed here every day, you must get used to death. I find it a bit annoying though that more attention is set towards famous or rich people...
  10. Ummm not the main character not Harry or Ron or Hagrid it was Marcus Balby I think thats his name on the movie but his real name is Rob Nox I think ^^" But I was like OMG!! Thats sad!!
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