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  1. He did?! Oh I didn't know that!!!! >.< I know it's bad... but I'm not sad whatsoever! I really hated him as Harry Potter ~.~ And I loss any feeling of honour towards him after he raped a horse on a stage... (even though he "played" to do it) ~.~ Wait! Which guy? the main guy? or... pls dunt tell me it was the cute Ron or adorable blond guy! or Hagrid O.o noooo!
  2. That must suck alot! I am feeling sooo much better ^^ I had to have a good night's rest to feel this good XDD I saw the news in London!! I am sad that the Harry Potter guy died!!
  3. Awww poor Ryoma ^^ I don't know how you feel though, I still have school and I don't like it and it hasn't been fun at all lately (how fun can it be when you have a class of 3 people ~.~)
  4. Of course!! Duhh! I am like always happy XDD lol I am pretty good now a days just bored alot since school is over
  5. I love you too Ryoma!!!! ^^ Nothing much up, I just have to study a lot and stuff. I miss you too ^^ And how are you!!!???? Everything allright? ^^ Still all happy and stuff? ^^
  6. I love Lasura!! Lol ^^ Waz up sis lol we haven't chatted in a while!! I miss you!!! >.<
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