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  1. well I finished the game long time ago on xbox when I still had it. Now i don't have xbox anymore bcuz I sold it to my roommate when he left.

    I just recently bought it on PC and now have to replay the whole thing again, which is quite easy.
  2. You just keep on trying until you run out of cake


    I've finish (finally lol).

    how you going on the challenges? I'm starting them tonight, when I steal the x-box back xD
  3. lol oh yeah!

    Well I'm still getting through the last level xD *is slow*
  4. Portal?
  5. WOOT!

    now for the challenges...?

    oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  6. congrats gwenibe! This was a triumph...

    I'm making a note here...


    Now just gotta beat the challegnes. Those are hard.
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