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  1. Hey Legend!

    does "Oppai" mean Boobs?

    cuz if so...


    >_<" i thought it was like Greek or something...
  2. so do I like get some free Avon stuff? lol
  3. awesome!

    thanks for the tip, Legend~
  4. see he was right about being your enemy, i helped you smoke him out. Apparently he is continuing to look at your profile to monitor you. What a friend i am huh
  5. lol why you gotta hate abu?
  6. radeclew?

    ah, i put a negative reputation thing on his post in the "Little Things You Love" thread cuz he mentioned porn, and he didn't have to say that/sounded like he wanted attention...

    but whatevez
  7. lol what you do to that loser radeclew?
  8. i did!
  9. abu it's 3am in the morning, go back to sleep xD
  10. yeah it's okay, i just recently got back into it!

    Animal Crossing is a game you can leave and come back, without missing too much (unless it's like holidays or something). plus it's really nice to come back and see how the gang is doing!
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