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  1. Damn, now I wish I voted for McCain
  2. Yay! I'm the president now!

    My first act as president is to provide free oxygen to everyone! No longer shall we be taxed on the air we breathe. LOL. Blinking will also be tax free. Also, to help this great nation conserve energy, I will be installing hamster wheels in every vehicle (hamster not included).
  3. Congratulations Senator, may you lead our country back to prosperity.
  4. hahaha no I was at work earlier, but since banks and post office was close it made my job lighter today
  5. Lucky you. I had to work. >_<

    Ah well, it pays the rent and buys the video games.
  6. new place huh, nice. Me, SSDF (same shit different day) mostly work and school now. Got a better paying job, but now it's busy enough to not go online that much. Today's a different case since it's columbus day.
  7. Hey! Not much goin' on really. I moved in to my new place about a month ago and I just got myself a new laptop (well, used, but new to me LOL), which is why I haven't been online much. Other than that, it's just work and art. ^_^ What's good with you?
  8. Holy crap man haven't seen you in ages, hows everything going?
  9. End of the year finals, two more days and I'll be a free man...technically.
  10. LMAO, I just noticed you thanked me for my Olympic rant, so I just wanted to say "You're welcome." ^_^

    How'st it goin'?
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