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  1. yeah you got me

    so i like scantily clad women who cares lol
    You are a pervert! XD
  3. hey....I'm neither small nor am I a pervert

    Can you give you your msn again. And you dont see me on probably because im in bed while it's sunny on your side of the world lol.
  4. Hey you little pervert. How are you doing? You must chat to me sometimes on msn. Im not much there, and when im there you are not T___T
  5. Yeah he is, but he dont want to be there tho =__='
  6. Oh he from iceland originally too?
  7. My boyfriend are in school there, im just taking a course in june.
  8. why are you in school?
  9. Im in Scotland! I want to go home to Iceland tho *sniff sniff* But i cant right now!
  10. you're not in iceland anymore?? Where are you now??
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