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  1. Lol thats cute! I have a teddy so i dont need another. I have lots of teddies in Iceland (miss them lol)
  2. I would give it to ya, but too bad it's my big bro's first teddy. It's almost an antique to the family now haha
  3. Lol thats cool, i love the blue teddy! Can i have it? lol X3
  4. Nah, let me just link you directly so you know what I'm talking about.


    yes, and I am cuddly, that's why I get to escape 50 characters
  5. Check something special or just the hole gallery?

    Why can you post so few letters?
  6. check member pics in gallery
  7. Hey Legend! Im a bit tired just woke up! What this funny thing?
  8. hey gek, got something funny to show ya you there?
  9. Can't believe it is applied in here too
  10. You better!!!!!! Lol anyway! I hate this stupid 50 character stuff!
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