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  1. Well regardless my apologies...there's just too many of those that join for a day and then go away :P
  2. Yeah my internet was not up for awhile. I was thinking that's what happened. No harsh feelings at all.
  3. woops thought you were gone, so i dropped you from my friends list earlier ^_^;
  4. Well then it depends on how long ago they told you they were posting here. To be honest, if it was a while back, then they might already be gone. In the recent years, we have lost so many active members. This place used to be way more active than what you see right now.
  5. I actually don't remember exactly who it was but i'd remember them if I saw them. LOL
  6. What are their usernames? I can let know you if they did or not.
  7. Some people I know from DA said they posted here. Haven't seen a one of them though.
  8. lol you are "spesho" xD I mean it's so hard to see good forum-ers nowadays. You know like ppl who are active in forums and have good artistic skills. By the way how did you find this site??
  9. o.o What made you want to be my friend? XD *feels spesho*
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