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  1. Still sweltering where I'm at. If memory serves me right, you were a moderator once, weren't you?
  2. yah funny thing, temperature suddenly just dropped and it rained today
  3. Same here... If I had an egg to spare, I could crack it open and cook me a meal on the pavement! Solar-powered cooking. Well, it's been days now... Has the temp dropped any where you're at?
  4. Bad. It's uncomfortably warm.
  5. Would that be a bad thing or a good thing? I hope it's good, or at least not too bad...
  6. The good ol' stuck at work T_T someone turned up the heat I think on a 70 degree day.
  7. Ah, here we are. I'll be adding you up in a bit, hope you don't mind. How's it going?
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