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  1. *echo* . .
  2. You got me on that one lol
  3. |blinkes|

    Child then lost his mind XD. How about this. IT'S HARD TO BE A GIRL.
  4. lol NO EXCUSE! I'm full-time student, 5 hours short from full time working student too! NOOOOO EXCUSE! I'm still here! booooooooooooooo~

  5. I am a full-time working student now honey. It don't get no harder then that.

    Can't help it if I gots nothings tos say.
  6. Special K you're not even here enough for me to joke with
  7. "oh lighten up man, you're the only one I can mess with without the person going apeshit and blowing stuff out of proportion. "

    Dies a little in the inside. How could you Legend !
  8. Yeah I felt bad for the guy too, he has to marry her. xD
  9. Leah Dizon is pregnant and got married. Booya!

    -Delivery sent .
  10. Okay that one is easy, that's Tom Jones.
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