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  1. gold digger eh? Whats that mean. Is that possible for a male sex?
  2. wow, got a freaking male gold digger hahaha
  3. You haven't seen him have you... ?

    You wouldn't be saying this if you had. yeaaa

    I don't got anything against it, but when a super hot person and normal person make babies. There's always the risk.
  4. well I'm pretty sure the guy was handsome in his own way, otherwise Jessica alba wouldn't have slept with da guy.
  5. =O She could have had a HOT SON! And you know it ! He would have been beautiful !

    Now we run that chances of the kid looking like the father! Because girls always take after there fathers!
  6. lol then you make a son on your own, leave Jessica Alba out of this xD
  7. Alba*

    My mistake.

    And of course pretty girls are cool, but I want a son. o.o Idk why I just do.
  8. Who's Aiba?? And pretty girls are good
  9. I can't believe Aiba a girl. This sucks...

    All these pretty girls having girls. I want some hot sons. Thank god for Britney Spears Feature sons. Maybe even Gwen.
  10. Well I'm glad to here you doing well. Just don't go shooting "home movies" now if you know what I mean . I'm doing alright myself, besides the fact that my professor got my grade wrong everything is "okay". Summer vacation for myself, and I'm just working 5-6 hours a day, catching up on anime, working out to get ready for July.

    Yeah Leah Dizon isn't that great, just another pretty face honestly. And yeah I know which commercial you are talking about, absolutely awesome. And now Alba is pregnant too
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