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  1. Where did the legend run off to?? And here I was thinking that I was the only one MIA.

    I do hope that you're well and healthy! I also hope you come back soonish. This place is eerily quiet. =O
  2. Lol! You must spend a lot of time around old ladies then. xDD

    It's a bright red though, so it wouldn't really suit an old lady. Any darker and yeah, you can call me an old lady. I had a sparkly purple before the red. =]
  3. Blood red?? That is the most common color for old ladies, maybe try another color?
  4. I am not threatening. xD

    I do have blood red nails though. Ebil much? =]
  5. You are a zombie. =O

    I'm going out now. Take care! =]
  6. Well the finals only lasted me one hour so I had 3 hours of sleep between that and going to work. So it was naps here and there, but I still trotted around like zombie.
  7. LOL stinkyyyy xDD

    How do you survive on 2 hours' sleep? I don't think I'd be able to get up lol. How'd the exam go? =]]
  8. I did finish studying, but only got 2 hours of sleep today. Today I am truly stinkky.
  9. You will never finish studying xDD

    Have a good night then! Sweet dreams! Do you dream? I haven't dreamed in awhile now. I miss dreaming lol.
  10. I am going to bed, just finished studying :/
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