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  1. So you play L4D too?
  2. i know what you mean, man .
  3. Hey man, got your PM. Kinda not here anymore but yeah.
  4. k then, i'll upload some once i can wash and wax it. the paint (like most dodges of the same color) in some places has lost its clearcoat, so it doesnt loot so hot.

    and according to one site, even if it needs moderate repairs (which now, it needs a throttle position Sensor; if it breaks completely, it will either not rev above idle, or be stuck wide open O_o) it is still worth about twice as much as I paid for it.
  5. show pictures man! but 800 dollar for a 11 year old car is about right. Have you checked kelley blue book for the pricing though?

    Anyways I rented a Pontiac G6 myself for Los Angeles xD
  6. hey, thanks a lot, Legend. i woudnt buy one until i move into my new dwelling, but i think it would be interesting to build my own!

    btw, just bought a 97 Dodge Avenger! nice car, needs a tune-up, but overall a nice buy for $800
  7. what up, cooochi gate xD
  8. . Mwahahahaha!
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