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  1. lol where did I say that?! xD
  2. Your "not gonna be active much more here"? *kicks and screams* But I just now started to realize how cool you are! Damn it! You can't take that away from me!
  3. Yeah but unfortunately I only have the PC veresion of the game. I wanted to get the xbox version but all my friends were like oh we're not going to get the xbox version so you better get the PC version.
  4. I saw you mentioned Left 4 dead in Sprouts journal. I have a buddy who LOVES inter linking and zombie shootin' all night long on his x-box. I sat up and watched him go at it... all night... no sleep... I think his name is Dreski88 or something... maybe I got the numbers behind it wrong. But Dreski something, 4 sure. Keep an eye out, maybe you've played with him before....
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