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  1. Heck ya! Lol but now I am like..ehh thats not right, and nope to fat there XD lol
  2. I would agree with her to a point, more importantly you will feel better being fit.
  3. I know, it's unhealthy but I did it the hard way XD lol I swear my mom was like you look better now.
  4. lol the hard way! Man blood,sweet and tears XDDD hhahahha lol
  5. Is it the hard working way or the easy way??
  6. In one day I lost 5 i repeat 5 pounds! I am freaking HAPPY
  7. eh? what?
  8. Omg Legend I Have Awesome News!! Like Totally Awesome!
  9. Alright ^^ Man I went to play tennis and now I got a blister on my palm >> Dang it hurt like crap >> lol I was running in the rain, I swear I slipped 5 times XD
  10. No, no need to apologize. You are not even at fault. It was the other ppl who freaked out that pissed me off. Don't worry about it, and I should say sorry to you. Just wasn't too fond of the others acting so dramatic.
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