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  1. I cant believe that they're trying to get the games banned...what will lonely otakus do now? (LOLS) Because in all honesty, though a SAD fact, it was statistically proven that sexual assaults, etc, crimes in that matter DECREASED in Japan since the introduction of such games/manga/anime. Taking those things away could just may result in an INCREASE of such crimes. Why cant they just let the perverts live out their fantasies without harming anyone in the "real" world?

    ...and yeah, I know the game too. Even I think that the theme was a little too much. w (-_-) w
  2. Great...just what we need. And i know which game it is. hah that was a pretty "sick" game.
  3. Found the article, guess I was wrong, its was a human rights group:

    The Yomiuri Shimbun

    A Japanese computer game in which players rape women and girls, make them pregnant and then force them to get abortions, has stirred international criticism among human rights groups and lawmakers overseas.

    New York-based international human rights organization Equality Now has demanded that the sale of the game, developed by a Yokohama-based firm in 2006, be banned in Japan and overseas.

    In the videogame, a player gropes two girls, who appear to be teenagers, and their mother while on a train, then rapes the three making them pregnant. The player then forces the three to terminate their pregnancies.

    Since earlier this year, the game has been discussed by overseas-based human rights organizations.

    In Britain, lawmakers learned that the game could be purchased on the Amazon online shopping site and proposed a motion in Parliament in February expressing their opposition to domestic distribution of the game.

    Following this move--widely reported in the British media and other countries--Britain-based halted the sale of the game later that month, with a similar decision made by the Amazon headquarters in the United States soon after.

    In Japan, however, regulation of child pornography is lax, so the game is still available via online shopping sites, despite Amazon Japan recently halting sales.

    In early May, Equality Now released a statement saying that in Japan the games industry profits from games featuring violence against girls and women. It also criticized the growing market for pornography found in Japan known as "roricon," or "Lolita complex," which has a child pornography theme.

    In the statement, the human rights organization also criticizes the government, saying it should take measures to ban the distribution of such games.

    On Wednesday, Equality Now began asking its 30,000 members in 160 countries to send letters of protest to those who make and sell computer games that feature violation of women, such as rape and confinement.

    It called for letters of protest to be sent to the Yokohama-based games maker; companies that stock such games for sale; Prime Minister Taro Aso and other senior government officials.

    Japan-based human rights groups also have started lobbying the industry to make changes.

    Under domestic law, salacious images of children aged less than 18 are considered child pornography, and production and sale of such images is banned.

    However, possession of child pornography by individuals--including images downloaded on computers--is not considered illegal in the country.

    The production and sale of animated and computer-generated pornographic images are not regulated under the law.

    International groups have called for the possession of child pornography to be made illegal in Japan.

    An official of the Yokohama maker in question told The Yomiuri Shimbun: "We were given official approval for domestic sale of this game by the institution the industry established for voluntary screening [of games]."

    " We weren't aware of the protest by the overseas human rights organization, so I can't comment on the issue," the official said.

    Hiroshi Nakasatomi, a gender studies researcher and associate professor of Fukushima University, said: "Japan is known as a leading producer of game software and animation featuring sexual abuse of women.

    "The genre is called hentai [pervert] overseas, and human rights groups abroad have long been critical [of this type of product]."
  4. Y'know that Illusion got sued by some women's rights group for one of their games?
  5. haha come back to me when the game is 3D and on a REAL game system. Besides the company Illusion make those games better anyways.
  6. The latest I've seen any updates on were up to ep7, but I stopped watching it a couple episodes back. Just stopped caring.

    On a side note there seems to be a Queen's Blade PSP game in the works for the later part of the year. Seems like its a 2D fighter in you may have guessed, the more attacks = armor/cloth breaking off.
  7. hey man, has any new queen's blade come out on your end?? I've notice both the Raws and fansubs have just stopped. And now I read on another forum some guy got his net shut down because media factory called his ISP.
  8. >XD Well we are guys afterall.

    As for the origin of Shamisen and Mu-chan (Mugen Lion = Infinite Lion). Mu-chan is some mysterious space creature that Haruhi imagined=created and it came from a magic lamp that Mikuru bought on a TV sales show. for Shamisen...I dont really remember. He originated in one of the original novels, I THINK it was the one on the filming of Mikuru's movie. He's yet another "victim" to Haruhi's power, I dont remember the exact reason why but Haruhi wanted a "rare" cat for something (I think it was for his role in the movie to be Yuki's minion...hence his ability to talk the human language) and well, he came about. *Male cats of his breed is apparently extremely rare so*

    I'll look back on Shamisen's history.
  9. Hey, we all have a little pervert-ness in us. lol

    Can you tell me where Shamisen and Mu-chan came about?? They were never mentioned in the anime or the manga.
  10. Ummmm...NO. >Xd

    ...and how ironic is it for you to have that written under your sig? "I'm not impressed with perverts". IRONY~ LOLS
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