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  1. I agree what you said in the clan, we should totally create a side clique just to make life hard for annoying noobs. We could be like a gang of some sorts. But no black knights name though, too generic
  2. Yeah...that is true, especially considering DVD prices. Even if it makes a release here in the US its questionable if I'd buy it. As for Lucky Star its either a love it or hate it type of anime so....cant say that I blame you. I personally enjoy the slice of life genre animes so...
  3. Sigh...I don't know if I want to pay for just the shorts. and did I ever tell you that I never saw lucky star?? I gave one episode a try and the desert talk in ep 1 drove me away.
  4. The short series are getting their OWN DVD release, thats what I was talking about for the DVD release. I wasnt referring to the upcoming season of Haruhi...its still questionable if its actually going to be "new"....they say there's gonna be like 26 episodes so thats 13 extra eps....guess we'll see soon enough.

    As for fansubs I havent see too much of it, probably cuz fansub groups missed out on the old ones as well. Though I did find a couple of low-quality spanish subs....
  5. quick question, will these shorts be available in the dvds of the upcoming season?? I've notice that Kadokawa has been deleting the episodes as they go along and some of them I wanna watch again. if not I might have to look it up on fansub sites.
  6. LOLS, "Haruhi-chan" is a series to be reckoned with...and now the DVD of it is set for release next month too. The commercial for it was up on the KADOKAWA anime channel and I couldnt help but laugh. What they did: Took the scene from one of the eps in which Taniguchi was made into an "ogre" and they had his VA Shiraishi Minoru do the same and sit out in a snowfield waiting. I find this hilarious as I dont really like Shiraishi. Mainly due to his part in "Lucky Star", his character "Shiraishi Minoru" (yeah, HIMSELF) was one of the few male characters in the series and the #1 thing that I didnt like was that he took over the ED songs for the last half of the series...13 ED sequences all for himself. The SOB....

  7. "IDIOTS! you made mikuru cry, take those outfits off." xD
  8. You're always cool in my book
  9. oh lighten up man, you're the only one I can mess with without the person going apeshit and blowing stuff out of proportion
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