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  1. yeah i know its just i wish it could be like what happened before when someone made me be bold and ask the girl that i liked out
  2. yeah! you should always be true to yourself.. if somone doesnt like you for who you are then they arnt worth it
  3. ok i will i guess i will be more out going then if im going to be myself for once
  4. yrah all you need to do is stay positive! things will get better
  5. nope theres not and i will try my best to stay happy while looking
  6. well then try looking further a feild... no harm in looking is there
  7. yeah but its hard to find someone around here thats my type that likes me
  8. i used to be like that... just think, the worst that could happen is they could say no... if they do you just pick yourself up dnt let it get to you.. there are billions of girls out there. that give you like millions that will like you back.. you just have to look till you find one
  9. im a senior in high school and im single and im too shy of a guy to ask a girl out or tell the girl i like them face to face
  10. why.. whats up? if you dont mind me asking?......
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