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    Personally, I'm old fashion and DON'T RECOMMEND the use of laptops for college use. There too easy to drop and break, too easy to be lost or stolen. (My nephew tells me that there has been several snatch and run incidents at the college dorm he was staying at...), and it's unlikely you will be able to type fast enough to keep up with the college lecture. A desktop (when chained to the desk) is more secure, is better for web browsing, viewing multi-media, and for game play. And if you actually need the computational power (such as CAD/CAM or graphics work) is faster and more powerful
  2. len i wanna know something my friend is wanting to get a laptop and he doesnt know what to get that is in a price range of $0-$2000 and he wants to play world of warcraft on, i wanna know what should he get we already know that alienware is out of price range but they arent to good anyway but he wants dell or a hp or if you have a suggestion....
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