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  1. are you a mod?

    if you are, don't be offended by this, but everywhere I go, " forums" I always like to talk or try to get to know, or read the person who thinks and call themself gods of the forums, .. I just wanted to know, I respect the rules, and every person on any forum, but mods?... they don't get my respect right away.. but one thing I know, you are just like me, the differences here is, that you can ban and make people feel like shit,. i don't do that... remember, do not get offended by what I wrote, I just like to let people, or in other words" mods" know am here, and that I don't fear them,.. these are friendly words, not hates ones.. thanks if you read this,... i don't mind if you don't.. you are the ruler of your own life... free will my friend free will.....
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