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    Now this depends on your needs. If you're using a desktop connecting to the Internet via a private LAN, (with a firewall on the hub/router) do you need the firewall software??? On the other hand, if you're using a laptop, connecting bare and unprotected to the Internet via a wireless access point, then maybe you do have a need for that functionality....
  2. Thanks for the information, but which one should I get?? Security or antivirus?
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    Its not free (except for the limited free trial version) but none of the 'free' anti-virus are that effective... (You get what you pay for...) Now as far as Windows compatibility, that depends on what version of Windows you have...

    GOOGLE results point to...
  4. About NOD 32, is that compatible with Windows and is it free?

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    Basically, it's a limitation of the analog to digital conversion process. 56KBaud (which in real world terms, is limited to only to 53KBaud under ideal conditions. 56KBaud is only possible if you're operating at a higher voltage then what the phone standards allow...) is only possible if one party (e.g. the ISP) has a digital switch board to directly read and convert the signal. If both ends of the connection were analog, the upper limit is actually 32KBaud. Now if both ends of the connection were digital, you have DSL!!!
  6. Len, my friends and I were wondering why dial-up never could get faster than 56k. Do you know?
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    Ghost backs up PARTITION IMAGES, not files. If the registry is included as a part of the partition, then it gets included...
  8. Hi Len, me again. There was a thread where I asked about backing up my computer and you suggested Norton Ghost. I finally got the program, but I want to make sure a few things, like does it copy the computer's registry too?? Because I dont have the original setup to some of my games and programs.
  9. Speaking of Key the Metal Idol, it has some of the best music ever. I don't regret buying their Soundtrack to this day. Unfortunately, I like the english version of the ending which they didn't have. I missed a lot of that show though, mainly because reception was bad for KTEH in San Francisco. Never got to see how Key's best friend died, and what the show was really about, especially in the end when goo came out of her body?
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    Nope, no pay, (and we have to contribute $10 for the staff t-shirt!!!) The only perks is that we get to cut in line for entrance into the dealers room, and for ticketed events, there's a staff reserved pool of tickets...

    Nie Under 7 wasn't rated an exceptional series, but it is one of the few anime series that makes a strong statement on Japanese social practices, (in this case, immigration policies...) Another series that does this is 'Key the Metal Idol' which makes a social comment on the Japanese Pop Idol Singer phenomena
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