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  1. oh ok i see.
    hmm, i dont think im prepared to make such an address haha...
  2. Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Now something like this should be addressed to one of the Admins, (as I can see reasons to have it, and I can see reasons not to have it...)
  3. Hi Len!
    i was wonderin if we can have like a mini election
    poll on AO just to see who is getting the majority of AO's
    aspiring vote for prez?
  4. Len, can you take a look at the thread "i hate emo kids!" in the cyber lounge and possibly close it?
  5. Len, thank you so much!

    i appreciate your help! (^o^)

    really i do!

    kudos boi!
  6. Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Now keep in mind the context of your 'cookie' recipe... 7 moles of Oxygen is correct for K2Cr07, (with a ratio of 1 to 7 for Cr, and 2 to 7 for K) but these elements can also occur in different compounds, and different combinations... As an example, Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) used in making primitive 'gun powder' has a Potassium to Oxygen ratio of only 1 to 3... And since elements have different weights, the ratio (in grams) will be completely different...
  7. oh wow, putting it that way makes it seem easier to understand.

    but in the 2nd problem can u also say that the K and Cr contain 7 moles of O as well?
  8. Grumble Grumble Grumble

    And to think that it been about 31 years since I've had to go over this stuff too...

    Okay, let me explain the answers in detail...

    1. The forumula states that for every 2xMg you put in, you get 2XMg0 out. The Ratio between input (as far as Mg is concerned...) and output is 1 to 1. (Therefore, if you put 4 moles of Mg in, how many do you get out...)

    2. The formula you're given is K2CrO7. This means that every mole of this molecule contains 2 moles of K, 1 mole of Cr and 7 moles of O. Since you're concerned about the weight of O, and you have 2 moles of K2CrO7, this means you have 2X(K2Cr07) or to be specific (since you're only concerned about the Oxygen) 2X(O7) = 14 moles of Oxygen in 2 moles of K2Cr07. what is the weight of 14 moles of Oxygen?

    3. The question is similar to the previous question. 1 mole of Sucrose (table sugar, not to be confused with a simple sugar) is C12H22O11. That means each mole of Sucrose (think of this as a cookie recipe...) contains 12 moles of Carbon. If one mole of Table Sugar contains 12 moles of Carbon, then how much Carbon is in two moles of Table Sugar. Answer is 2X12
  9. are those questions really that simple for you?

    Jeez, im still getting wrong answers, every time it say incorrect.
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