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  1. oh okay
  2. Yes but I hardly ever stay up late enough to watch it.
  3. Cool me too.
    Do you like DeathNote??
  4. Well I like inuyasha and bakugan there mostly the only others so far besides naruto.
  5. Heh thats cool ^^
    So what other anime do you like?
  6. Well all that I can really say is that our personalities are the same is why and were both kinda hard headed sometimes.
  7. Awsume that sounds fun. How do you act like naruto? Sorry, Im just a little curious.
  8. Its fine I don't mind you asking well I go the name because I act like him most of the time and me and some of my friends from school have naruto names to that suit them.
    So thats how I got naruto because it suits me.
  9. Cool. Naruto is funny ^^ He is one of my favorites.
    If you don't mind me asking, how did you get the nickname?
  10. Well leslie I'm fine thanks for asking.
    And my fav is naruto because thats my nickname.
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