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  1. i got missed up in a trap and one trap poped another tell i found my self far far down and now its just me what few friends and fam i have and my job
  2. what?! why in the world were you in the hospital and jail? and i think it is great that you find yourself a better person now. we all missed you here too [: how have you been lately? and i have been pretty well thank you for asking.
  3. i missed everyone its just been so so long and i have been through anyways how are you?
  4. better i got out of the hospital and jail and i am a different person then the same emokid i was back then and how are you doing?
  5. hey! i havnt been on in a while , how are you doing?
  6. oooooh im so sorry to hear that. i hope things get better
  7. well things are getting too out of hand with my family i think i am meeting my demise now
  8. aw im sorry. if theres anything i can help with dont hesitate to ask.
  9. i have had more happen and i dont think i am ok,seems i amhurting
  10. i guess it does kinda help being reminded. i know people have had far more worse pasts then myself but im just kinda a sensitive person. yea, i know i suck
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