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  1. XD
    well today in guitar class the teacher was yelling at me and i felt all sick!
    But when i went to chinese i got my inspiration back!!!!!!!
  2. why was your day bad? tell me whats on your mind this furry will listen!
  3. thats good it was bad for me!
    What do you do for life???
    and XDD
  4. Awww Domo Arigato!!! XXD my day is going well thank you for asking!
  5. Ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you seem cool!!XD

    hows your day???
  6. why would i do that?lol don't worry i wont

  7. sorry my bad im dumb sorry!!!!!
    Your 18 Dang dont hurt me!!!!!!
  8. how am i too young i am 18 and older than was ment for rp...oh well :laughs:
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