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  1. well glad of you to be kicking it with me primo... tho ur little brother wasnt to bad i kinda liked him... but next time let me know he is coming before hand... well primo got to run see you around.. and also have fun in class.. laterz.. and take care
  2. well jus text me at 575 202 8032
    .................................................. ..........
  3. yo primo sorry about the wait just been out of my head lately... other then that did i mention that im quiting smoking.... i cant live my life if i keep smoking so im dropping that and gonna do something with my life already... so you still smoking spice? hey man i dont mean to be rude or all but you might want to keep the things we say to each other in private... we could get in trouble or banned from this site for saying stupid things like that... anyways what you been up to bro anythign new in ur life? anyways i got me a fone again so give me ur number so that way i can hit you up id give you mine but i dont remember the number... well primo i got to run i need to finish clean the house then im off to kick some a$$ online... well primo till next time take care and h have a great day laterz....
  4. Sup primo ive been getting high each day enjoying everything in life and ya jus get G to text me for i can go on da weekends over there to ur house to blaze it man c u later man
  5. yo primo sorry about the long period of silence but yea you know how work.. plus i never seemed to find the time to get on... since ive been to busy with the 360... well nothing new here.. how about urself bro... well man sorry to make this a short message but i got to run but ill be on more now so lets se how that goes till then bro take care and have a nice day laterz....
  6. well latley i dont get on here busy lol
    but its been along time so wat u been up to?
  7. well glad things are turning out good for you primo and no worries when ever you got the free time hit me up... so how have you been lately? anything kool or new with you? sorry on the late reply ive been busy with lame adult life.. well see you around bro take care and have a nice day
  8. Well primo its gonna b a while bcoz in hatch thats were i live and ya jus ask G to text me and ya i got m y gf back hahahha
    ill talk to u later man
    i have class work to do
  9. well in that case you need to hit me up or something cuz id rathe talk to you in person primo... but yea ive been doing alright been having my good day and my bad ones... well man hope things start looking better for you... see you around man i got to take a shower... laterz...
  10. well primo its been hard and stuff but its all weird in the same way... well how have u been and hows life
    talk to u later peace primo
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