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  1. yo primo hows it going long time no see. well how have you been well hit me up tomorrow on this site again ill be on about this time well take care primo laters
  2. was up primo how have you been long time no chat well hope you get a chance to write back laterzzz!!!1111
  3. yo primo thanks and im glad but try and find some more and then try for bleach
  4. ok i think i found a site but i dont know what you think about it!!
  5. i guess ill help but its going to be hard well ill look K!!!!!!!
  6. im bored just liek you and you ar not the only one in pain so what are you doing? if you are bored then you should help me out and find me some sites for bleach and for gundam wing..
    but if you dont want to then i guess ill do it my self welll primo what is it going to be i wait for your reply
  7. um my stomack hurts im in pain. And im in MESA plus we dont do anything what about u??
  8. bien y tu what are you doing and what class are you in?
  9. hey was up primo como estas????
  10. o well have fun with that test and ill se you later during the day and later in 7th peace out primo
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