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  1. some tests aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. dude i dont know why i did that but i posted replied to you on my profile well o well hey i just wante to know what are you doing in class to day???/
  3. hey man death note is coming to theaters on 4/29!!
    hellllllllll ya
  4. um trojan man is screwing with me and im in Cahills class room!
  5. yo angel hows it going bro ahaving fun with trojan so what class are you in right know ??/
  6. well itws just becuase the teachers a little nosy
    but ill just hang with u guys!
    and ill be quiet
  7. thaT remindes me you still havent smiled... smile like you do when the are 7th period teacher is right next to you just think like that and you will get through the day
  8. bro if you dont let me join you in your clan of the darkest place in earth ill kill you.................. na im just kidding but ya let me join. well bro ill catch you later peace and be happy not everyone hates you. .....i dont
  9. whats the whole point of doing that if your me you would ****en hate life!!!!!!
  10. yo primo i got tried of you trying to find me so m amking it that easier for you. so what have you been up to hows life be treating you? if bad then i guess we need to start kicking it again so i can calm your butt down well primo take care and have fun everything is not as bad as you think it is. do you need a hoot or something cuz ill be glad to help out well see yu later aand have a nice day primo and just smile
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