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  1. what??? nothing to do... theres a lot of things you could do up there just really dont have much ppl to do them with... well its all good bro.. glad to hear ur moving on no sence keeping ur self in the past right? so what have you been up to lately? anything new with you? well primo i got some more messages i need to get to so ill see you around till then bro take care and have a nice day...
  2. well im realy gud lately jus planning to move on n jus do work for college lol
    and ya im bak i got sick of cruces nothing to do
    well ill give u a call laterz
  3. hmmm... wow sounds like the world turned upside down for you primo... sorry to hear that hope everything works out tho... so how have you been sorry on the late reply ive been caught up in this online game ive been playing and yea... so ur back in hatch? why is that? well primo i got some more messages i got to take care of but ill see you around and if you like just give me a call off G's phone well see you around primo and take care
  4. well i dont have class till friday
    Nah nothing new...
    nothing old...
    o well...
    i think i dont have a girl friend so ya o well... im gonna try to work out soon but now im gonna go play soccer again...
    but hey at least im in hatch now
  5. thats kool... glad to hear the good news primo... as for me calling you i got to get g to lend me his phone again... so how have you been anything new with you? sorry on the late reply to i was out and i just got back today.. well i got to some more message to go through ill see you around and hopefully give you a call sometime... well see you around primo take care...
  6. well man i can drive now lol
    u jus give me a call n ill see when im open man laterz bro
  7. thats sounds like a blast to bad i couldnt get a hold of you tho... ive been busy helping stephone... anyhow i got to go but ill get on later later....
  8. well me n bobby n george is gonna be blowing up toys today around one hahahaha
    n also have some blasting time hahahhahahahahahahahahah
  9. thats all good primo and yea you have to spend some time with family ver now and then.... so what are ur plans for coming down here.... besides visiting.... any how bro sorry about the late reply ive been so out of it these past few days... buts its all good i got the cure for it now so its all gooood... welll i got to go bro you take care and hopefully ill get to see you.... laterz
  10. well bro its sbeen nice here in cruces,,, but im hopefully going to hatch today or tommaro...but ya
    nothings new so far jus been hanging with my gf lol but u gatta leave her bcoz i need to spend time with my family
    u know wat i mean?
    i gtg laters
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