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  1. idk bro im the one that wants to do this and i need money in order to go up there and besides all that i need to find me a job... and it really sucks here cuz you kno how hatch is... so it might be long then i planned to go visit you.... so anything new with you bro.... ? got to split i havet o go spend some time with my family... laterz bro and take care k...
  2. well lc is kinda a big place but i walk all around n getting to know it but college is almost the same but i wont b on much u should try tell drew to meet up some day bcoz i wont b here because i have monday n tuesday thats it lol
    well ill c u later primo latez
  3. party...? must be nice.... i nthat case then ill talk to drew and see what he wants to do maybe we can meet up there and chill like old times... thats if everyone is free on the day we plan this... so other then that anything new going on with you bro...? hows life in lc....? better then here... and you got to show me a pic of ur girl primo... but if you dont want to then thats all good... i just wanted to see what she looked like... well i got to jet bro i just got home and im tired as hell and freezing... wtake care and have a nice day bro... laterz...
  4. well ya its going gud lol
    but ya at least i got out of hatch because it was kinda boring
    no one ever went to my house
    and idk this semester been short college is easy if u know were to go
    and ya ive been on my finals n today i party in my class so im gud lol
  5. a gf you say... im happy to hear that primo glad to see you are at least having a good life... so you are up in lc now thats kool.... at least your out of this town... right..? better then being here and its kool if you cant come to me ill find away to get to you and id send a txt ever now and then but i lost my phone so yea... any how bro its good to hear from you and wish you the best of luck... you take care primo and ill see you around k...
  6. Ya its been a long time whats up
    ive been gud jus finishing my finals for college
    well everythings kinda new i have a gf, and her family likes mi and i stay at the house with her alot, im working on her room putting tile and other stuff
    lifes been treating mi kinda gud n bad lol
    gud is i found a girl to settle with, bad that i dont go to hatch anymore so ya...
    Well happy thanks giving to u to sorry i brealy got on
    well man i dont go to hatch anymore, i have to plan a day for i can go bak their, i might go the 11th idk bcoz i have all these two weeks filled n im busting my ass lol
    well nice to here from u, laters primo n text mi ill b on here
  7. yooo primo long time no talk.... how have you been....? anything new with you....? hows life been treating you.... if you dont mind me asking... oh yea sorry for being so late but happy thanksgiving bro i hope you had a good one... say do you have any plans for next weekend... i would say this weekend but i dont think you will get this message in time but yea next week try and get saturday off so you and i can kick it if you want too.. your choice primo... well i got to go i need to clean the house..... you take care bro till next time we chat... laterz...
  8. ????
    .................................................. .......................
  9. i really wonder... hmm... i shall wait ands see... you take care now primo and one more thing.... oseth erparde ot lkil ouldsh eb eadry ot eb lkilde...
  10. there u go thats how u should talk to ur couzin lol
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