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  1. i do but do you have a fone yourself.........................................
  2. well u can text me or something dnt u have a phone man???
    amnd ya i changed
  3. primo i am sorry its been a while hasnt it sorry i wasnt at your birthday so how about this one monday ill take you out like old times what do you say..but you need to tell me bro... Bro i need to speak with you directly again its been too long i need to see something n to ask a question of you so get back to me a.s.a.p srry for the late response take care bro n watch yourself alright.....
  4. well im nt that gud at anything birthdays are birthdays but
    just like everyone no one really knew my birthday and its all right u can just that visit i dnt eat luch at all so i dnt care much for food lol
    nut well im 18 it doesnt matter much to me...
  5. birthday sweet primo when is it... i wanna go ni will this time primo i make that promise to u i will be there on ur birthday just give me the date n ill be there... ill save some money to take u out for lunch sounds like a plan bro i like it how about u.. u up for it primo..well let me now n we will go from there koo..take care bro n ill see u around k peace
  6. sooo its my birthday lol
    but no one cares at skewl man its to lame....
  7. well thats a drag bro well in anycase just hit me up oin here when u can well hope things are doing good bro hope ur having a blast in skool g2g finish getting ready 4 work laterz primo
  8. Hey primo dnt have a phone?
    lol and ya the the year was sik lol
  9. yea last year was sick primo i had a blast hopefully we might get to do it again maybe we will have to see if nothing comes up.. the site i know u have see it on here its that imvu site its kool i like kinda fun if u get in to it lol .. well thats kool lucky u i had to have all my classes to graduate welll hope everything works out good for u bro well glad to hear ur doing good too bro well keep in touch i got to go but ill see u around ok bro laterz
  10. well what site is it i maybe can get on it lol!
    Well skewl has been sukking but at least i go out of some i jmust dnt need them lol!
    hey primo its almost the 13 lol remeber last year!
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