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  1. thats cool bro no worries n yea my christmas was alright n my new years was quiet but other then that it was good thanks for asking so how was urs bro srry i havent been on in awhile just been on another hows school primo ? well hit me up when ever k bro laters n take care
  2. lol you to or if u had a gud merry x-mas and also for new years sorry i cant get on this unless im at school later man
  3. yup yup skool is bro Merry Christmas i hope u had a great one primo... well have a great holiday bro take care n be safe k laterz bro
  4. hahha same here but skewl no skewl but its been boring lol but you know that lol
  5. yo primo long time no see how have u been my bro? hows school? n life hows it treating u bro? as for nothing changed maybe my hair but nothing else lol.....n u primo anything lately....well primo his me hit me up anytime well take care bro n be safe k laterz
  6. Hey wahts up primo what u up to today????
  7. well bro thats good. glad to hear your not giving up. that the way you should be with life and how every one treat you cuz in the end it doesnt matter your you and thats all that counts am i right or am i wrong you tell me well bro hit me up when you have a new poem so i can read it k well take care primo see you around laterz
  8. Ya i know but i dont care i can keep making more and more!
  9. awwww bro thats a major drag and no your poem doesnt suck its just you may have used the wrong word that all. try using other words that mean the same as your do and that should make it better. and dont let this hold you back bro your a good person just your not around ppl that understand. i know how it feels to be oout of place well primo take care man im sleep so ill see you around k laters
  10. hahahah its ok they just closed it because it was disturbing kinda stupid it was a stupid poem god dammit!
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