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  1. damn i know after you saw this you were like what the F*ck was i thinking when i did this but like i said im bored and there is nothing to do
  2. primo your my family and i love you as my primo and i wanna help you out if you have problem just let me know and ill do my best to help you out.
  3. my young friend you really need to lighten up i know every thing may seem like its pointless and that it make you angry but its all a test to see if you can handle it so tell me can you handle it or will you give up...
  4. so what do think kind of stupid but it made you think didnt it.......
  5. well primo im bored so im going to message you all of bull shit and see what happens from there k laters
  6. damn primo did i piss you off cuz you ignore me know if i did im sorry so how have you been if you dont mind me asking?
  7. yo primo man yo really need to just let up even just a little and clear your mind. as for getting in shape just take it slow nad dont push oyur self so much bro just dont give up know matter what. hey primo just remember who care what any ones says as long as your happy with your self primo. well katch oyu later bro peace
  8. well Primo its just hell and idk really what to do at school!
    i might nah never mind..
    and its freaken hard to get fit again!
    i hate it!
  9. man primo you really need to stop talking like that. cuz talking like that is only going to make you hate yourself more and everybody around you to.
    PRIMO you just need to let everything go and forget about it and just move on and you will see that everything isnt so bad only what yu make of it primo take care of your self and just member that i got your back and ill help you out the best i can but that all depends on you...o o o yea sorry it took so long to get back to well primo take care
  10. wellhi primo whats been happening
    well for me not much just wanna end my stupid life!
    i hate school and its not fun!
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