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  1. If ithe sky was down i will
    have to sprout wings and fly down!
    not uP!!!!!
  2. The sky is down?! O_O When did this happen? xD That would sooo weird if the sky was down.
  3. HAhahahahhahahah
    U cant belive this but the sky is up!
    and im dowN!X D
  4. hahahhahhahahahahhahahahah xDDD lolz. what's up?........
  5. Well if i was there i go in all metal and have a unvrella!!!!!
    just kidding!
  6. lol, and i didn't have any school today! yayz! it like snowed over 9 inches here... and it's lighting! scary...
  7. What it didnt snow for me thats all screw up!!
  8. awwww... wait! Did it snow outside? It snowed like a b***h today, lol
  9. Dude i have to do mine today!!!!!!!!!

    it ux for me!
  10. awwwww... sucks. I got it done on time! ^^ yayz...
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