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  1. hey i have to work on history and a science project at least!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh god me 2... Well. Not literally! I have to type an essay, work on my Science project, and etc. pain in the a**!
  3. dood i swear because i want to die because of all the stuff i have for school!!!!
  4. me too. I could use a break right about know! XD lol. I just got done doing my s.s homework.. took me 3 freakin' hours! T^T
  5. Same wish i can be in christmas break!!!!!!
  6. it was good... bored over here. You? .....................
  7. what ahhahahahah
    u suck
    dude same
    how was ur day??
  8. awww... sucks. ..... oh god. I lost my train of thought here :P
  9. They just hate me i dont know y but they all do!!!!!
  10. i'm good.. just tired. I meant like how you were talking about "death" and how much everyone hates you.
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