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  1. ya theres no one out there they all drunkjys or sluts hahaha
  2. I just can'y seem to find the right one is whats wrong with me.
  3. dood same here
    shit like all da girls i hook up with r drug addicts
  4. having relationship trouble and cannot find the right girl and just trying to live life.
  5. ive been gud chilloiung n killing time like usual man
    how have u been?
  6. Hey its been a while since we've talked and I've been on how u been.
  7. shit that has top suK!!!!!!
    Y is it boring?
  8. Well today it kinda suck because it got boring toward 5th period.
  9. hahahah ive been in classes for a while already!
    so hows ur first days?
  10. Nothing I'm just back in school and so far it is very boring but I have my class ring.
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