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  1. well it depends on weather u would like it to change or not
  2. maybe ................or is it going to change????
  3. how do u mean by that?.... and it will be soon enough so misewell try to enjoy it while u can rather then wait for ur death
  4. nah im never ok but soon it will be all 0over!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. oh ok then..... i hope ur ok with that ............
  6. it doesnt matter i just get in and out of dark moods and light now im normal!!
  7. awwww... but i like you when u arn't dark-like....
  8. nah im changing and i wont be the same proabnlebly be all in the dark now!!!!!!!
    i hate life!
  9. he he he lol awww but there has to b something about u that u like or you wouldn't b who u r
  10. well im a hallow person and im just hating life!!!!!!
    i hate my self!!!
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