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  1. science olypiad.. what's it about ?...sounds kinda difficult
  2. ahhhhh
    school i have Science olypiad!!!
    a class thats boring!
  3. your boresd good to know jk.... but im doing nothing i was working on a huge proj that iu had to finish but other then that nm ...u?
  4. same hereXD
    what r u doing??
    im boresd
  5. yes i am at school at this moment ... it's kinda boaring so i come on AO anytime i can manage it
  6. I dont know but i think i just at school here haahhaahah
    r u in school??
  7. is so awesome, means ur happy too
    and yah y is that..?
  8. Well when i die it means im can be free!!!!!!!!
    lol omg im so hating summer now!!!
  9. yah im glad school is over for a while... and for u can die... what does that mean..?
  10. nothing much just bored as hell just waiting for this last day of school to end!
    for i can die!
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