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  1. y don'ot u care for anyone anymore? did i do someothing wrong? and i don't think your a holow
  2. well i dont really care for the people now but mow ill just a holow!
    with out a spirit!
  3. awwwww.. i kno how it feels alot of ppl hate me to for no reason and well yah.. i kno it's hard when ppl are like that
  4. yeah ummmm
    i kinda doing at school no friends and hated by people but i can live!!!
  5. i would believe you... u wouldn't lie about something like that.. nor about anything lol
  6. well u wouldnt belive me but ive been through hell and back
  7. the only way i could help you out whould be to tell me what has been going on in your life atm that makes u feel this way im sorry but it's the only way i can truly help you on this...
  8. I dont know no more i just losing everyhing aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
    i hate my life!
  9. u want to try to be alone.... that can be good at times and may prove to clear your mind.. but member iif u really need ppl there are those who will be there for you always
  10. I am the same as u and i feel all depresed but its hard to get along with people and i want to try to be alone now!
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