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  1. awww... ur quiet too.. it can be kinda sad at times but it's all in your frame of mind i suppose.... like most of the time im really quiet and don't talk to ppl cuz they tend to b mean ppl that i don't feel like dealing with lol.... how is it with u... just shy or the same as me?
  2. well im kinda quiet but i dont care no one speaks to me over here so yeah , i think im not going to make it!!
  3. lol ^^
    cool i want to c u different but at the same time still u
    and yah it is isn't it
  4. no problem!!!!

    im really just kinda bored but when im happy u will see im different!
    its really cool if u see me!!!!!!
  5. awwww.. he he he that would be great i would go threw being scared just for the hug ^^ it would be worth it lol ..thank you ur very sweet to stop me from being afraid like that
  6. yes and when i find u scared ill say hi and u will sqeak and ill give a hug to stop u from being afraid!!!!!!!!
  7. wow all in one and scary eh...he he he im going have watch out then wont i
  8. you know tha i blend and no one can hear me because im fast and scary all in one!!!!
    and i blend in really good!
  9. he he he lol i'll find u he he he and then u wont be able to scare me
  10. aaaaaaaaw
    thats funny!!!!!!
    but when i scare u ill disapear again!!!
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