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  1. he he he lol that would b so funny tho and i would squeak probably if u scared me i don't really scream im weird that way... but ppl think it's cute so yah he he lol
  2. Yeah till i stop and hide and get u from behind and scare u!!!!!!!hhahahahah
  3. true true... i can c in darkness pretty well but most of my sight is from the enhanced hearing and other senses in the darkness.. lol so i would still be able to kno where you r i could hear u lol
  4. im so far that its night aand in the shadows im going to be if u dont c in darkness!!!!!!!
  5. ok cool... so i'll still know where u are long as u don't trick me lol he he
  6. but when i run u cant even see me but u will hear all the steps i take!!
  7. he he he lol yep i would laugh a as long as u didn't dissapear for good that is ^^
  8. well if u can only catch up with me because i would run all fast a ill dissapear!!!!!
    would u laugh??? hard?
  9. that's a good thing tho .. and it tastes good as well ^^... pop doesn't make me hyper so in order to do that i have to have like four table-spoons of sugar in my coffee ^^" kinda a lot ..but it work... u would laugh so hard if u saw me hyper lol
  10. hey i drink alot of soda i dont know y but it helps me be happy and hyper!!
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