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  1. at the mall the first time in hot topic lol
    o well
  2. so where did u and ur gf m
  3. its all bleh now idk wat to do anymore....
    i think its scary but o well
  4. well its good that u've found a gf.
  5. bleh last year this year is better but ya i finally found a nice gud gf now hahahah
    i dont like those wanna be's lol ahahhahahaha im so bored
  6. i take it things haven't gotten any better for you since last year?
  7. o well thats life so u get use to it n it getsd harder n harder so ya
    life sux baddly
  8. well ive a never excepted to really find that right guy... but i did find him but my mom told him to stay away. but oh well
  9. it sux o well thats life...
    hahahhahahahahaha it sucks
  10. lol i no.
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