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  1. that's good to hear. so you have fun for once.
  2. ya i partyed hard lol
  3. hey how was christmas? go to any parties?
  4. partyin' in school Last Day Yah! you out yet?
  5. jst chilling here lol
    not much on here anyways also what u up to?
  6. hello old sonny boy, wats been up with you?
  7. well last year didnt celebrate thanx giving but maybe this year! lol
    and kewl!
  8. got any plans for thanksgiving? i for one am hoping to party at my aunt's house.
  9. Umm well kinda bored probalbly stay home and be sad! LOL
  10. little kids r so sweet, i luv them exspecially pre-K type kids. so what's up with you this week?
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