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  1. what's up man? how 's ur sweeney todd dream comin'?
  2. wow, i could totally picture joke...............i hope your dreams come true(tears)
  3. hell, a dream of mine is to play sweeney todd/ i often break out into sweeney todd songs anyway, as it is the only show i truly love
  4. yeah i know, im just joking. its cool you appreciate theater..
  5. thbey dont have to side with me. everyone did a phenominal job in the movie, and tim burton truly made a work of art with his interpretation. i wont deny that fact. i just prefer the 1982 broadway recording
  6. well...that sucks and all, but the movie was a decent interpretation for new fans, in order to introduce them, then they can see the play and side with u..
  7. well post in it haha. but yea, the movie cut out a lot of the song parts and even one entire song! i was like wtf?!
  8. haha..listen i love many of your posts and like your insights, however i like the movie sweeny todd better and i will smite, just kidding....not
  9. i'm not bad. enjoying the silence that 12 40 am brings hah
  10. umm its like..9-something here, and im good, how are you?
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