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  1. mine r ,hand of midas ,satanic ,aghanim scepter ,shiva guard ,boots of travel ,dagon ,hw abt u?
  2. lol, well I guess the items which you equip the hero is also significant it can make you invulnerable
  3. yeah because his 6'th level ability is the absolute opposite of Lich's not to mention that the best situation for Lich to fight is to fight against two heroes ,i can get double kills many times more than a single kill ,cuz i always seek the chance when two heroes are withdrawing alone together ,ouch! it really hurts! lolz
  4. Yeah you're absolutely right! Invoker gets strong when he has the 2nd lvl of the Invoke skill & Lich's condensed freezing bouncing orb is v.useful especially when playing w/more than two players, but when playing 1 on 1 Yurnero/Juggernaut (Sentinel) is the right hero for the job
  5. i think he's owning once he has the second level of the invoking book ,since he'll be able to have two spells to be cast ,but still i like Lich to the death ,i mean only his condensed freezing bouncing orb is more than enough! besides i like the original character Kel'thuzad as well and that's a reason my name in this forum is LichGRIFFIN.
  6. lol! Yeah DotA rules! & you're right not anyone plays w/Invoker; he needs support & he's weak at the begining, all what you should do w/him is farming, but when he reaches lvl 17 I guess, he's owning!
  7. Yeah it depends ,for Kael he's the hardest to play with but since he doesn't have a significant slow or stun effect ,i don't like him ,DotA rules! lol
  8. Well, it depends upon the conditions of the match, but I like Axe (Scourge) & Silencer (Sentinel), but my favourite is Kael The Invoker (Scourge) even though he is the hardest character to play with
  9. you play DotA? which hero do you play with? mine is the Lich (Scourge) and Centaur (Sentinels) ..
  10. lol, at least you achieved something! I got no any new achievement; my last game was DOTA allstars & I just played a couple of DOTA matches w/my classmates
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