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  1. very bad my side! i mean the last game i finished was DEvil May Cry and that's my newest achievement till now!
  2. Yeah! you're right about it, well, I'm enjoying my vacation so far & I'm willing to take a short break every once & a while, anyway, how's gaming?
  3. the same from you ,hope you do great but i advise to enjoy to the maximum if you are attending a hard study because you won't have time to do so once you start if you are willing to become a number 1.
  4. Well, Good luck w/your studies! I guess I'm going to do the same like you coz next month I'm attending college so, nice to hear from you again ^_^
  5. Hehehehe ,thanks for that ,well i'm not coming online as often as before because of my medical study ,though still 1st year but i'm trying my best. hopefully the long break is one month away!
  6. Hey! long time no see! Any news? I guess everyone is missing you including me! ^_^
  7. Of course i do speak arabic *it's my original language afterall* and sheesh you have no friends yet o.o work! work!! ,i'll be the first
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